Barbara Davis grew up in California and moved to Europe after completing her studies in art and art history. Her first stay was in Paris, sponsored by a grant from the Rotary International Foundation, where she worked in the renowned studio of Stanley Hayter, Atelier 17. Later she moved to Switzerland and finally settled in Germany. Ms. Davis works with many different materials: paper, oil, or acrylic on canvas, wood, plastic, and/or glass. The works are often compositions made with layers of different materials and reflect the eclectic cultural background of her Japanese-Irish-American heritage. The works have autobiographical input and convey emotions without being sentimental. The underlying theme of her work is "color harmonies." Implied figures, symbols, or recognizable forms are often integrated in abstracted color areas. The active fantasy of the observer plays an important role in the works. Despite the use of incongruous materials and colors, the overall effect of the collages and paintings in particular is one of calmness and harmony.